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Beginnings of Relief Society in Mt. Pleasant ~ August 6, 1877

Meeting held August 6, 1877.
Opened with singing and prayer by Sister Madsen. Minutes of the former meeting were read and accepted;  also a report of disbursements and donations.
Considerable business was transacted such as providing a sick nurse for Anna.  Also, boarding places for Jens Nelson and Hannah Nygaard.

Reports were also read of the donations of the weekly donations of the sisters for the purpose of paying a cook to cook for the temple hands, which donations amounted to about $8.oo  eight dollars.

Sister Morrison thanked the sisters for attending so promptly to that ...... and said without their ....and assistance she could do but little, but with the united efforts of all we able to do considerable.  "Unity is Strength" and that if we would like our religion and give up backbiting and gossiping and everyone put a stop to it, would soon cease to be.  "Sisters try to observe these instructions and ... them out in our every day life and you will increase in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Your mind will become enlightened and the Spirit of the Lord will teach you things past, present and to come so that you shall receive blessings more than you will be able to contain."

Sister Madsen said she felt well and was always glad when she could come to meeting, and it was her heart's desire to do the will of God and keep his Commandments as far as she was able and said she believed in works. That precept was good, but example was much better.  She said she did not feel able to teach, but with the help of the Lord she could do her part." "And would board Jens Nelson two weeks."

Sister Peel said she was glad to be able to attend the meetings and also that she had a this church, she thought a good deal about the young folks.  They caused her much anxiety and she thought the time was now come when we would have to go to the one side or the other.  Said she would board Jens Nilson 2 weeks.  sister Simpson said she felt there was a good spirit here lately and rejoiced that she was again able to meet with the Sisters.  She said we all know what we had come up here for and said that she was glad to have the desire to do good and was willing to do her part all the time.

Sister Fechser said she felt well and hoped the young sisters would come out and attend  these meetings.

Sister Morrison  exhorted the sisters to faithfulness and
Meeting closed with singing "Oh My Father, Thou That Dwellest"
Prayer by Sister Peel.

MFC Morrison, Pres.
and Sect .........

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