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Hazel Theora Jensen Anderson Lundberg History - Part 1

Hazel Theora Jensen Anderson Lundberg Part 1 of 2
Born 22 January 1889 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah and Died 11 October 1985 in Arco, Idaho

Hazel Theora Jensen Anderson Lundberg's birth mother was Hilda Jensen Jensen (1862-1954 - maiden name the same as her married name) and Hazel's birth father was Hans Peter Jensen (1858-1937). Hilda was 27 years old when Hazel was born in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Hazel was their 4th born child. Photos of her birth parents.
At birth, Hazel was adopted by her great-aunt and uncle, Hanna (Perrson) Jensen Anderson (b 1841, d 13 May 1925) and Claus Anderson (b 1838 in Sweden, d 6 Jan 1923). Hanna was Hilda's father's, Andrew Peter Jensen (1837-1921) sister. Claus Wilhelm Anderson (born 1 Apr 1838 in Sweden and died 6 Jan 1923 in Mount Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah. Claus immigrated in 1867 from Sweden and Hanna immigrated in 1871. Claus and Hanna were married  25 June 1873 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Photos of her adoptive parents followed by their genogram.

Claus W. Anderson immigrated to Utah with his parents, Joseph Anderson and Marie Christena Lundberg Anderson in 1861. They settled in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. 

Claus Anderson took part in the Black Hawk Indian War and was awarded a $12/month pension as a result.

Hanna Jensen Anderson immigrated  to Utah after her first marriage in Sweden in 1871. Hannah’s father was Per Jensen (b 22 Feb 1801 in Sweden) and her mother was Hannah Hansen (b 12 May 1811 in Sweden).

Hanna was 48 years old when she and Claus adopted Hazel.

Hanna had been married in Sweden prior to 1871 and had four children there. It was said that her husband and all four children died in Sweden, however, this may not be completely accurate as a record from the John Heber Stansfield History (married to Elvina Elvira or Mina Jensen) that Hanna left her first husband, Hans Andersson, in Sweden to immigrate with the Mormon Saints to Utah in 1871 leaving behind at least one daughter, Kjersinta, and bringing one daughter with her, Hanna. Her two other children with Hans Andersson had died in Sweden - a daughter name unknown and a son, Anders who died at age 1 year.

Hanna Perrson (Jensen) Anderrson Anderson came to Mt. Pleasant, Utah in 1871 where she was married to Claus W. Anderson (alternate name Clas Wilhelm Josephsson or Anderson, son of Joseph and Marie Hogenson Anderson) on 25 June 1873. Claus had a sister, Matilda Josephine Anderson (b Mar 1853 and d 1936) aka Mrs. James Burns, Rodolphus N. Bennett. Matilda Josephine Burns Bennett first married Sheriff James Burns in 1869. Sheriff Burns was killed by outlaws in Spring City. Matilida  married a second time to Rodolphus N. Bennett in 1902. Five children survived Matilda Anderson Burns Bennett.
    • Mrs. Lydia Williams, Willow Creek
    • A. A. Burns, Willow Creek
    • Mrs. Beatrice Olson, Mt. Pleasant
    • J.H. Burns, Marysvale
    • Reed Burns, Manhattan Beach, California
Claus also had a brother, Oscar Anderson (1849 -1936), of Mt. Pleasant, Utah married to Chastie N Anderson (1860-1939). They had a son, Gerald L. Anderson born 6 Aug 1891 and died 23 Apr 1912 at the age of 20 years.

Hannah and Claus Anderson had five children and only two survived to adulthood, William Clarence Anderson (1874-1965) and adopted great-niece, Hazel Theora Jensen Anderson Lundberg (1889-1985).

Hence, Hazel's adoptive mother was really her Great-Aunt on the paternal side. She probably did not learn of her adoption until she was in her mid-thirties.

Hazel's adoptive mother, Hanna Perrson (Jensen) Anderson was a twin with Anna Jensen Fredricksen (1841-1929). Twin Anna was married to Lars Peter Fredricksen (1840-1914) on 11 March 1964. Anna Jensen Fredricksen came to Mt. Pleasant, Utah in 1862 with her brother, Neils (or Nils) Jensen after the death of her father, Neils (or Nils) Jensen (same name as son). Anna Jensen and Lars Peter Fredricksen had eleven children.

Hazel's adoptive father, Claus W. Anderson (1838-1923) was really her Great Uncle by marriage and he was one of the pioneer founding fathers of Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah immigrating from Sweden in 1866, as was her Grandfather (by birth) Andrew Peter Jensen (1837-1921).

Hazel listed with her birth siblings:
Alvin Peter Jensen (Wife May Woodward) (1884-1946)
Aldeva Hilda Jensen (1886-1957)
Hazel Theora Jensen Anderson Lundberg (husband Maple H. Lundberg) (1889-1985)
Percy Clifford Jensen (1891-1981)
May Chrystal Anna Jensen Phillips (husband Douglas B. Phillips) (1892-1974)
Alta Lavon Jensen Turner (husband William Turner; husband Gilbert Rhees) (1895-1977)
Nora Marston Jensen Newton (husband Edgar Leon Newton) (1897-1992)

Hazel listed with her adoptive siblings:
William Clarence Anderson (1874-1965). William aka Will was really Hazel's great-cousin since his mother, Hannah Perrson (Jensen) Anderson was Hazel's adoptive mother and Hannah was the Aunt to Hilda Jensen Jensen, Hazel's birth mother.
William Clarence Anderson (b 17 Mar 1874, d 22 Sept 1965) married Bertha Elizabeth Young Anderson (b 20 Sept 1878, d 11 Feb 1970) on 7 Nov 1898. They had 5 children:

  • Nathella Mary Anderson Hughes (b 22 Sept 1899, ), Melba, Idaho
  • Donald Edward Anderson (b 15 May 1903, d 26 May 1989)
  • Dorothea Constance Anderson Simmons (b 22 Aug 1908, d 2 Dec 1971) Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Clarence William Anderson (b  8 Sept 1912, d Sept 1981); Los Angeles, California
  •  ?
Hanna and Claus had four other unknown children who did not survive to adulthood included twin sons. Hanna had one son and one daughter with first husband, Hans Anderrson and they appeared to have died in Sweden and twin sons with Claus Anderson in Mt. Pleasant, Utah that also died early.

Hazel’s Childhood in Mt. Pleasant, Utah:
Hazel lived at home in Mt. Pleasant, Utah with her adoptive parents Claus Anderson and Hanna Jensen Anderson and her older brother, William Clarence Anderson (born 17 March 1874 and died 22 September 1965) who was 15 years old when Hazel was adopted. Here is their family home in Mt. Pleasant, Utah which still stands today in 2013 located at 308 Douth West, Mt. Pleasant, Utah Plat A Block 66 Lot 1. 

From the Mt. Pleasant, Utah

Here is a photo of their house taken in 1 June 1994. Wonder what Claus would think of the carport and car????

Hazel attended the 1st Ward School in Mt. Pleasant, Utah in 1900 and continued her schooling through the 8th grade in Mt. Pleasant, Utah (see Row 3). Also note Maple Lundberg in Row 1.
Hazel was pictured at Carrie Nielsen’s birthday party in Mt. Pleasant, Utah circa 1900.
Back row L to R: Hazel Anderson, Lucile Rolph, Etta Rolph, Carrie Nielsen
Front Row L to R: Ada Jensen, Cloe Swenson, Elouise Poulson, Pauline Monson taken on Charley Renberg’s porch circa 1900 on 2nd West and 3rd South, Southeast Corner of Intersection.  From the Collection of Carrie Nielson Hafen From the Mt. Pleasant, Utah

The 1900 Mt. Pleasant, Utah Census shows Hazel, age 11 years, living at home with her adoptive parents Claus W. Anderson (immigrated from Sweden) and Hanna Anderson (immigrated from Sweden). It lists Hazel’s birthdate as January 1888, but she was really born 22 January 1989.

Hazel as a young girl. Date Unknown.
From the Hazel (Jensen) Anderson Lundberg Collection.
Hazel T. Anderson at Fourth of July Celebration, Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Date Unknown

Hazel graduated from the 8th Grade in Mt. Pleasant, Utah in 1905 at the age of 16 years.  (See article below from Salt Lake Herald 22 May 1905). Hazel Anderson, age 16, at her 8th Grade Graduation, Mt. Pleasant, Utah 1905. From the Hazel (Jensen) Anderson Lundberg Collection

The photo below was taken during the 1904-1905 School Year.
Her principal was Mr. Joseph Hughes and her classmates included:
1.    Annie Therese Freston
2.    Harry G. Ericksen
3.    Evan A. Johnson
4.    Edgar R. Madsen
5.    Pauline Fuller
6.    Pauline Jensen
7.    Ada A. Barton
8.    Maggie L. Candland
9.    Mary M. Peterson
10.  Farrie Frandsen
11.  Bessie Wilcox
12.  Pauline Monsen
13.  Carrie Nielsen
14.  Nellie McArthur
15.  Annie Knudsen
16.  Hazel Anderson
17.  Lettie Hampshire
18.  Emma Lund
19.  Amanda E. Durfee
20.  Cleo C. Barton
21.  Mattie J. Durfee
22.  Annie C. Peterson
23.  Esther M. J. Lund
24.  Ida E. Merz
25.  Valentine Larsen
26.  Vernon G. Clemensen
27.  Otto F. Marsen
28.  Wilford Winkler
29.  Grace Nielsen
30.  Annie Estella McIntosh
31.  Verginlos L. Julilison (sp)
32.  Hans F. Jessen
33.  Wilford C. Larson

In 1908 (see Salt Lake Herald 19 January 1908), Miss Ebba Benson of Montrose, Colorado returned home after spending a month as the guest of Miss Hazel Anderson. [Note, Ebba Benson was not just a friend, but a cousin which Hazel was unaware of at the time]. Ebba’s mother was Fredricka Jensen Benson (sister to Hanna Jensen Anderson, Hazel’s adoptive mother) and Ebba’s father was Charles Benson.
Another article ran in the Eastern Utah Advocate on 23 January 1908 indicating that friend, Ebba Benson had returned to Colorado after visiting Hazel Anderson for a month.
The 1910 Mt. Pleasant, Utah Census shows Hazel, age 21 years, still living at home with her father Claus W. Anderson, age 72 [Claus immigrated in 1866 from Sweden and was working as a farmer on a general farm in the 1910 Census] and Hanna Anderson age 69 [Hanna immigrated in 1871; 1910 Census lists 9 children with only 2 living, plus she had been married to Claus for 31 years]. Hazel’s occupation is listed by as a sales lady in a dry goods store.

Hazel worked at the Mt. Pleasant, Utah Progress Store located in the Aldrich Brother’s Equitable Block on Main Street prior to her marriage in 1911. The Progress Store was located in the Equitable Building with the Aldrich sigh on the side.

Hazel Anderson, 3rd from the left working in Mt Pleasant Utah Progress Store. From the Hazel (Jensen) Anderson Lundberg Collection and Restored by Dave Gunderson.

Hazel's Marriage:

Hazel married Mt. Pleasant, Utah native, Maple "Mape" Henning Lundberg (12 May 1888-16 July 1934) on 1 November 1911 in Manti, Utah. Maple was the son of Mt. Pleasant dentist, Dr. August Lundberg and Christina Matilda Lundberg (deceased when Mape was just 8 years old). Hazel was 22 years old and Mape was 23 years old at the time of their marriage.

Prior to their wedding, a housekeeping shower was given to Hazel by Mrs. Chris Thompson and Miss Mary Fredericksen at Mary Fredericksen’s home in Mt. Pleasant, Utah (see article from Salt Lake Herald 29 October 1911 below). It was a happy affair and all of the guests wore dust caps and kitchen aprons. Miss Hazel was presented with a souvenir dust cap and apron (note photo later in the article showing Hazel in a dust cap and apron in Mackay, Idaho) and was initiated into the housekeepers’ association. Guests included:

1.    Hazel Anderson

2.    Jennie Peel
3.    Tressa Larsen
4.    Annie Braby
5.    Aldeva Jensen (Hazel’s sister by birth)
6.    Selma Jensen
7.    Leona Jensen
8.    Alta Jensen
9.    Mary Fredericksen
10. Mrs. C. Thompson
11. Mrs. Hanna Fredericksen

Hazel also enjoyed a second kitchen shower and dinner before her marriage to Maple Lundberg held by hostess, Miss Tressa Larsen on Thursday, 26 October 1911 (see article from Salt Lake Herald 29 October 1911 below). Decorations were carried out in Halloween style. In the dining room a large pumpkin was placed in the center of the table. From the pumpkin a ribbon ran to each plate on the table and at the end of each ribbon in the pumpkin there were pieces of paper containing prognostications of the lives of the guests. The reading of each fortune furnished no end of amusement. The decorations in the parlor were festoons of leaves. A useful kitchen articles presented to Miss Anderson. The invited guests were:
1.    Florence Monsen
2.    Etta Rolph
3.    Stella McIntosh
4.    Hazel Ericksen
5.    Hazel Anderson
6.    Aldeva Jensen (Hazel’s sister by birth)
7.    Flossie Ericksen
8.    Hilda Madsen
9.    Anna Lewis of Scofield
10. Christie Neilson
11. Nellie McArthur
12. Jennie Peel
13. Hortense Syndergaard
14. Viola Whittaker
15. Ida Merz
16. Goldie Faux
17. Mrs. Lucile Seely
18. Mrs. Louie Seely
19. Mrs. Sarah Beal
20. Tressa Larsen

The official marriage records of Hazel Theora (Jensen) Anderson’s marriage to Maple Henning Lundberg in Manti, Utah on 1 November 1911.
Mape’s father remarried for a 3rd time in 1903 to Sarah Matilda Johansen Lundberg. Matilda was Mape’s stepmother. Dr. August Lundberg was credited with bringing the first automobile to Mt. Pleasant, Utah in 1908. His son, Mape, was a mechanic, probably due to his father’s interest in automobiles.

In the 5 November 1911 Salt Lake Herald (below), the announcement of Maple and Hazel’s marriage in Manti, Utah appeared. A reception was given the couple by the groom’s father and stepmother, Dr. August and Matilda Lundberg. However, none of their near relatives were invited. On their return home they were give a reception at the home of the groom’s parents (August and Matilda Lundberg) with only members of their immediate families being present.

In addition, a second newspaper article about their marriage from the Eastern Utah Advocate 16 Nov 1911 indicates that they were most popular young people who were highly esteemed by their many friends, who wished them a long and happy wedded life.
However, Mape and Hazel’s friends from the H.H.G. Club threw them a reception too (see article below from the Salt Lake Herald 1911-11-12). A delicious five-course dinner was served and they played games, sang, and had music. Boys of the club presented the newlyweds with a beautiful rocker upholstered with leather (Judy Malkiewicz, granddaughter living in Mackay, Idaho has the rocker in 2013).
Those present at the party included:
1.    Mr. and Mrs. W.C. (William Clarence) Anderson (Host and Hostess and Hazel’s adopted brother and his wife Bertha)
2.    Mr. and Mrs. Canute Beal of Ephraim
3.    Mr. and Mrs. William Erickson
4.    Mrs. Earl Seely
5.    Leo Seely
6.    Tressa Larsen
7.    Etta Rolph
8.    Jennie Peel
9.    Edna Sorensen
10.  Grace Neilsen
11. Max Seely
12. Francis Nilsen
13. Raphael Jensen
Percy Jensen (Hazel’s brother by birth) came in from Salt Lake City Wednesday and returned Thursday. He was a special guest at the dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Lundberg Thursday. Others present were Mrs. H.P. Jensen (Hazel’s birth mother); Aldeva Jensen (Hazel’s sister by birth); Alta Jensen (Hazel’s sister by birth) and Crystal Jensen (Hazel’s sister by birth) and the host and hostess. From the Eastern Utah Advocate 4 Jan 1912.
While living in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, Mape and Hazel had two sons, Rex Henning Lundberg (born 11 July 1912 and died 21 December 1991) and Edward Auer Lundberg (born 24 December 1913 and died 27 June 1981).

Rex Henning Lundberg was born 11 July 1912 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.  Hazel had Rex 8 months and 10 days after her marriage to Mape.  Hazel married Mape on 1 Nov 1911 and Rex was born 11 July 1912 (see Salt Lake Herald 14 July 1912 below).
Mape and Hazel lived for a time in Mt. Pleasant, Utah and entertained friends on occasion.

Hazel and Mape entertained on 29 October 1912 at their home in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Guests included (see Salt Lake Herald 3 Nov 1912 below):
1.    Mape and Hazel Lundberg
2.    Mr. and Mrs. Canute Beal of Ephraim
3.    Edward (aka Edwin) Lundberg (Mape’s older brother)
4.    Lucile Renberg (who helped Hazel with the are of her son, Rex)
5.    Harry Erickson
6.    Tressa Larsen
Lucille Renberg Circa 1912 from the Hazel T. (Jensen) Anderson Lundberg Collection

Lundberg Maple and Hazel Entertain in Mt. Pleasant Salt Lake Herald 1912-11-03.jpg
Guests included:
1.    Mr. and Mrs. Maple Lundberg (hosts)
2.    Mr. and Mrs. Canute Beal
3.    Edward aka Edwin Lundberg (Maple’s older brother)
4.    Lucile Renberg
5.    Harry Erickson
6.    Tressa Larsen
Hazel entertained guests on 25 May 1913 (see Salt Lake Herald 1913-05-25 below) to celebrate Tressa Larsen’s upcoming marriage included: 
1.    Mrs. Claus Anderson (adopted mother)
2.    Mape and Hazel Anderson (hosts)
3.    Tressa Larsen
4.    Mrs. A.L. Larsen
5.    Mrs. Leo Seeley
6.    Mrs. Harold Sorenson
7.    Mrs. Arthur Rasmussen
8.    Etta Rolph
9.    Florence Monson
10. Viola Whittaker
11. Virgle Whitlock
12. Hilda Madsen
13. Stella Truscott
14. Tina Erickson
15. Elma Nolands
16. Ida Merz
17. Minnie Christensen.

Second son, Edward Auer Lundberg, was born 24 December 1913 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Auer was just 17 months younger than his older brother, Rex.
Edward Auer Lundberg known as "Auer"

Part 2 of Hazel's History has not yet posted.

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