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Fun and Appreciative Comments On Various Posts During 2014

From some date prior to April 1933 the Madsens (from down Moroni way) operated the candy store corner State and Main. After Congress ruled 3.2 beer no longer acholic and as soon as Utah agreed the Madsen Bros buildt and opened a beer hall just north of the candy store. They were still there when I left Mt Pleasant with the National Guard April 1941. As an 18 year old in uniform I had no trouble getting a pint of suds. lee on Anyone Know the Details? When did Madsen and Madsen operate a Beer Hall? Discovered by Tudy Barentsen Standlee.
Hard cider in the morning you say...hmmmmmm....might get us through these last remaining grey days in Western Washington before we jet off to Arizona. It's an idea. on Apple Picking Round Up In Yakima
I have all of the details on the home of George Farnworth in Mount Pleasant including pictures. Richard Jackson on George Farnworth Family Photos ~ shared by Deena Lynn Sutton
Talula Nelson was my grandmother's older sister. Thanks for posting. Great story!! on A 1910 Comet ~ by Talula Nelson
I have a copy of the handwritten account from my Grandma Bess. It was a fun find and so much detail. Thank you for posting. My grandmother Bess Olson's grandparents were William and Sarah Jane Olson. So very cool to see this photo of them! Salli, that means we are what--second cousins? I'm in the SL area. My e-mail is on William and Sarah Olson
Lee, I appreciate your service, and echo the sentiments of those school girls 20 years ago in the letter they wrote you. It is true, you may not have been here with us today had you been there when the curtain rose. That day is a day to never forget. My Grandpa has a hard time even thinking about what he saw there on D+1. I am glad I better understand what he was doing there in building those ramps for the late landers. Unbelievable the sacrifices made that so many take for granted today. Thanks for posting. Eric V. -Grandson of Ken on D-Day Remembered by Lee
Thank you so much for posting the Annie Frandsen death notice. She was my g-g-grandmother. I've never seen that newspaper notice before. Wonderful to have. on Clemensen, Frandsen, Hafen Ladies' Obituaries ~ 1912-1913
Reed Russell
I love this article. Thank you so much for posting it. This is my Great-great grandfather. My Grandfather is Grant Beck. Is it possible for me to post a copy of this article to my personal blog, or could I link my blog to this article? I know my family would love to read this. My blog is on A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF HANS CHRISTIAN BECK ~ Pioneer of the Month ~ December 2013
Photo taken near the SE corner of East Main and First East. I don't see the big populars of the 30's so probable taken early 20's or earlier. on Hamilton Elementary As Seen From the East Side
Thanks for sharing! These are my 2nd gr-grandparents and I have never seen the photo of their home! on Mads Christian Anderson Sr. and wife Carolina Peterson Home ~ researched and compiled by Tudy Barentsen Standlee
I have this same picture in my genealogy records but the names are Hans Nadrian Chlarson and his wife, Johanna Charlotte Scherlin. I wonder if my source has posted an incorrect picture to our records. on Seymour Hansen

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