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Home of John Wilhelm Winkelman and first wife Anna Elizabeth Winkler and second wife Eliese Bandenberger ~Researched and compiled by Tudy Barentsen Standlee

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Grant Winkelman said...

The spelling of the family name is Winkelman. This is important as there was another "Winkleman" family in town.

According to the eldest surviving child, Emma Winkelman Rasmussen, who wrote her father's history in 1962, when the house was still standing, John Wilhelm married Elizabeth Winkler in 1874 and they built a dugout and lived there. After he married Eliese in 1876, the three of them built the house, including the adobes. It was completed by the time she was born in 1879. Eliese and two of her children died of respiratory diseases related to the winter cold. Elizabeth raised the three remaining children until she died in 1896. John Wilhelm died in 1909. The youngest child, John William, got the farm and 5 acres of hay in Chester. The two girls, Emma and Matilda, got the house, which they sold for $500 to the Johansens.

Grant Tidwell Winkelman, Jr. , great grandson.

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