Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Joe Duncan" Given to Joseph Smith by Moses Martin Sanders~My Fourth Great Grandfather

The picture above shows the Prophet Joseph Smith dressed in his Lieutenant General uniform. The Prophet rode this horse in maneuvers of the Nauvoo Legion and many other occasions.

While living in Nauvoo, Moses Martin Sanders and his wife Amanda Armstrong Faucett Sanders lived as neighbors to the Prophet, Joseph Smith, and they cherished their association with the Smith Family. Moses owned a very beautiful, but unruly horse. As Moses was often away from home, performing church duties, it fell to the lot of Amanda to lead this horse to water and she was really afraid of him. He was very high spirited.

One day the Prophet Joseph said to his neighbor, Moses, "Brother Sanders, give the horse to me and I'll promise that you will never lose by it." Moses Martin replied, "I would, but I am afraid that he may hurt you." Then the Prophet said, "No, he would never hurt me." So Moses tossed him the rope and said, "He is yours." The horse was called "JOE DUNCAN", a very beautiful, intelligent animal.

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