Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Repost from 2008 ~ Cyrus Wheelock's Trunk

Joan, Bill Morris and Jackie Mitchell stand by a trunk they donated to the Mt. Pleasant Relic Home. Joan and Jackie are descendants of Cyrus Wheelock.
Cyrus Wheelock was a prominent pioneer to Mt. Pleasant. He is best known as the gentleman who smuggled a gun into Joseph Smith the morning of Joseph and Hyrum Smith's marjavascript:void(0)tyrdom. He held many high positions in the LDS church. He also wrote two popular LDS hymns, "Ye Elders of Israel" and "Come Go With Me". He and his wife Marion Dallin are buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.
(See more of his history in August archive)
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Brent Hepworth said...

I appreciate the stalwart individual that Cyrus Wheelock was to the Church. My curiosity was aroused regarding his song, "Ye Elders of Israel". Knowing that he served at least two missions to Vermont and other states, I'm still curious as to his feelings of writing about gathering Zion and missionary work.

I would be pleased if anyone would write me at: brenthepworth@yahoo.com

Thank you

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