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Peter Sorensen Children and More ~ Shared by Judy Malkiewicz

Hans Peter Jensen's (10 Mar 1858 to 26 Feb 1937) father was Christian J. Jensen (25 Dec 1866 to 30 Jan 1932). Christian J. Jensen was one of Mt. Pleasant, Utah's earliest settlers. When he died in 1932, his obituary lists a daughter, Mrs. H. P. Sorensen of Mt. Pleasant Utah who was Han Peter Jensen's sister.

Since I sent the picture of the Sorensen children, I have discovered their link to my grandmother, Hazel Theora (Jensen) Anderson Lundberg.

First, let me explain that my grandmother, Hazel Theora (Jensen) Anderson Lundberg was born to Mt. Pleasant, Utah parents:

Hans Peter Jensen (10 Mar 1858 to 26 Feb 1937) and Hilda Jensen Jensen (her maiden name is the same as her married name, 31 Oct 1862 to 18 Mar 1954).

Hans Peter Jensen and Hilda Jensen Jensen gave my grandmother, Hazel Theora Jensen as an infant to Hannah Persson Jensen Anderson (26 Jan 1841) and her husband Claus Anderson (1838-1923) both of Mt. Pleasant, Utah to raise as their own. Hannah Persson Jensen Anderson (1841-1925) was the sister to Hilda Jensen Jensen’s father, Andrew Peter Jensen (1837-1921). My grandmother, Hazel Theora (Jensen) Anderson grew up in Mt. Pleasant never knowing she was adopted by her great aunt and uncle until well in to her adulthood.

This is Hans Peter Jensen's obituary from 1937.


Here are Claus Anderson's Obituaries from 1923. He was also one of Mt. Pleasant's earliest settlers.


Here is Hannah Jensen Anderson's obituary from 1925

We certainly thank Judy for all this information.
We are happy to share it all with our readers.

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