Sunday, March 27, 2011

Photos From 2011 Mt. Pleasant Pioneer and Homecoming Day

Left to Right:  Brandi Brotherson Shelley, Maren Peel, Elizabeth Peel

Left to Right:  Mr. McArthur (a son of Evan McArthur), Steve Monsen, 
Lois  Phillips Monsen, Mrs. McArthur

Center Front:  Mary Louise Seamons,  to her left, her daughter Debra.  The others are children and grandchildren.

L to R:  Peter Hafen and Francis Carlson
(Peter wears his grandfather Azel Peel's Buckskin suit every year)
L to R:  Darlene Frandsen Blackham greeting Doug Olsen

L to R:  Catherine Hawkins, Kathy Hafen, Roxie Washburn

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Brook said...

great to see photos of friends
Keep up the good work
Brook A. Bowman

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