Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swensen Family in Norway ~ shared by JoAn Carlson Lea Winward ~ This collection of histories was prepared by Diane Swensen McCullough.

Engebert Swensen Family in Norway 
left to right:  Engebert, daughter, daughter, daughter, Thorine Jensen (wife)
a.  Engebert is 7th child of Sevend Anderson
b. This is Engbert and wife and three daughters on their farm.  They remained in Norway
He died at 97 years

Ole Swensen Family in Norway
left to right:  Ole is the seventh person, Anna Dorthea Olsen (wife) is the eighth person
a..  Ole is 2nd child of Sevend Anderson
b.  The farm home in Norway from whch Andrew Swensen Sr. left in the night.  Ole remained on the farm as the next oldest.  This is Ole and wife and some of their 10 children and possibly some inlaws.

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