Friday, March 4, 2011

In Shades of Brown ~ by Pearle Madsen Olsen ~ her memories of Ida Lovell

In Shades of Brown

Where is she now who often walked our town
Street by street, across, and up and down?
She knocked on every door to show again
Her newest greeting cards awhile, and then
Wrote out new orders with a pencil bit
While saying "Well, you chose my favorite."

She carried samples in an old suit box,
And used spare time between her business walks
To reinforce worn parts with brown paper
Pasted into layers. Like thick leather
It became wear-polished, and heavy twine
Was wrapped around in knotted chain design
Easily slipped off and on. And she made
A looping handle of the wide, string braid
Along the narrow side, like a suitcase,
And she never used another in its place.

Much like a grey-brown mouse in human size
She scurried ~~ bent upon her enterpise.
Symbol of hardworking days, in shades of brown,
Where is she now who often walked our town?

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