Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1900 Photo from the Alice Hafen Collection

Here are the names as I read them:  Ethel Seely, Zella Seely, Maggie Reynolds, George and Mable Borg, Winnie Candland, Eloise Anderson, Fannie Candland, Vanetta Proctor, Hannah L. Frandsen, Bertha Nielsen, Bertie Madsen, Mary Miranda Seely, Etha Nielsen, Jennie Jorgensen, Botilda Madsen, Eliza Swensen, Mina Hasler, Marie Peterson, Maggie Ericksen, Blenda Matson, Annetta ???, Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Thompson, Alfred Nielsen, Emil Hafen, J.E. Jorgensen, Hyrum Nielsen, Jon Woodring, George Candland, Leo Candland, Arthur Nielsen, Walt Lund, Don  Omen, Azel Peel, Frank and Daniel Jorgensen, Byron Carter, Chris Beck, James Fechser.

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L.D.S. Temple
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