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Female Relief Society May 14, 1877

Meeting held May 14, 1877
Opened with singing 
Prayer by Sister Peel

 Sister Morrison addressed the Sisters and brought the report from Manti where she went ........furnish the house that was built for our workmen to live in.  She said that when she left it was completely finished and and furnished with all the necessary items to make our brethren comfortable.   She ....... to the Sisters everything ......was in the house so that every ....... have an understanding of what ......., and everyone felt pleased for the good progress have been made.

Sister Peel spoke and translated to the Sisters all that was said and bore her testimony to the good work.  Sister Madsen felt also pleased and encouraged the Sisters in ..... good and by our Danish men where a call is made and a good deed ......and especially to the Temple that we can do the work for the living and for the dead when the Temple is finished.

Many of the other sisters bore their testimony in their own language. 

Meeting was closed with singing and prayer by Sister Jensen

FCM Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler, Sec

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