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Owen Sanders, age 92, passed away Dec. 24, 2001, at the Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George.
Owen was a salesman for Scholzen Products for 25 years and serviced their accounts to many businesses in this area. He presented many programs in the area and loved to recite his poems.
Funeral services were held Dec. 28, 2001, in Hurricane, Utah.

Owen was a descendant of Moses Martin and Amanda Faucett Sanders, early pioneers to Mt. Pleasant, Utah, Fairview, Utah and Dixie Cotton Mission, St. George, Utah

THE PATTERN by Owen Sanders 

  • My father dug the ditches 
  • And tilled the stubborn soil; 
  • What have I, his son,to show 
  • For all his years of toil? 
  • My Mother gnarled her tender hands 
  • And suffered for my weal;
  • What have I, her son, to show 
  • For all her faith and zeal?
  • Their faith and love of God was strong 
  • their zest for life sincere 
  • What have I, their son, to show 
  • For what they held so dear? 
  • My folks have sketched a pattern 
  • And blazed a vivid trail; 
  • They have earned their Golden Goal 
  • Only, I, can fail!

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