Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fountain Green Train Wreck

August 21, 1883
"Accident on the Sanpete Valley R. R." "An accident on the Sanpete Valley railroad occurred on Friday, fortunately not doing any fatal harm. The mixed train was coming north, and at the summit between Fountain Green and Nephi, the conductor had orders to leave freight cars. The cars were switched off as per orders, and a man instructed to drop one at a point a short distance below the summit. The man got on the car and started down grade, but discovering that the brake was faulty and that he could not manage the car, he jumped off and let the car go. The mixed train had gone on at a lively rate with the passenger car in the rear. The conductor had noticed the car and feared it might get away from the man, but was forced to let it go. However, he kept a close watch. At the mouth of Salt Creek canyon, the runaway car overtook the passenger, just as it was rounding a curve, and crashed into it. The passenger coach was broken and several cars were damaged. There were four passengers in the coach, one a lady, and all were somewhat bruised, the lady being injured most, but not seriously. Had it not been for the apprehension and care of the conductor in sending his train forward at a lively rate, thus materially weakening the force of the concussion, the whole train would have been wrecked and the passengers and crew probably killed." (Salt Lake Daily Herald, August 21, 1883)

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