Thursday, October 18, 2012

FIDDLERS' GREEN ~ OLD FOLKS ' REUNION ~ Salt Lake Tribune, 1905-06-29

Does Anyone Have A Picture of Fiddler's Green?

From Lee R.  Christensen: KATHY:   Jane Britton(Cox) is still alive and living in Salt Lake City.  I would think she would have some old family photos of Fiddlers Green.  Her brother Reed may still be alive    (abt  95) and if so. he too would have  something maybe even a history of the place.   The Brittons and the Wagstaffs were two of the 3 or 4 families that lived in and around where I understand the dance hall was.

On another note:  Alice’s posted autograph books   with the writers yearbook picture was  a great idea and a big surprise. I had never seen one  before..  Autograph books were common, mostly a girl thing but no photographs. . Max Blain always did a quick line drawing  when asked to write in one.   I wonder what the process of getting one was.  Probably  ordered  thru the yearbook publisher.  North Sanpete did not have yearbooks in my day.  I think they started again in 39/40  my senior year at Wasatch.  lee       

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