Friday, August 13, 2010

Female Relief Society January 24, 1876

Meeting held January 24, 1876.  Meeting opened with singing, "Oh Saints Have You Seen" , etc. Prayer by Sister Peel.  Sister Morrison was absent and Sister Peel presided.  The minutes of a former meeting were read and accepted.  Sister Peel addressed the sisters ~ said that they should help those who deserve help and not those who were idle and who would not exert themselves.  Sister Simpson and Bertelsen bore their testimonies and felt well.  Sister Simpson said she hoped the Lord would strengthen Sister Morrison.  Sister Petersen gave some good instructions ~ thought if we could not understand the United Order, we shouldn't say anything against it.  A numbe of the sisters bore their testimonies and a good spirit was among them.  Meeting closed with singing, "Do What Is Right".  The prayer was given by Sister Fredricksen.
Augusta Dehlin, Secty

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