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Lars Ericksen Family ~ Shared by Caren Wilcox

This is a picture of Lars' children. They are:

Front Row: Louis Ericksen (child of Berte Marie), Camilla Ericksen Noland (pioneer child of Berte Marie - born in Denmark), Ferdinand Ericksen (child of Stine), Lena (Caroline) Ericksen (child of Stine).

Back Row: Christene Ericksen Selby, Annie Ericksen Anderson, Amasa Ericksen, Mina Ericksen Pritchett (all children in this row are of Stine and Lars.)

Lars Ericksen (1825 - 1896) and Berte Marie (1821 - 1900) were converted in Denmark and after working for the LDS church in Denmark, they came to the U.S. in 1860 and came across the plains in 1860.

One of the people also from Denmark who helped Berte Marie, was Stine (Christine) Nielsen (1840 - 1891.)

In 1861 Stine and Lars were married.

They came to Mt. Pleasant in June 1861.

submitted by Caren Wilcox, grandchild of Ferdinand Ericksen

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