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Female Relief Society November 28, 1875

Meeting held November 28th, 1875.  Meeting opened with singing "Praise Ye the Lord, my Heart Shall Join", etc. and prayer by Sister Jensen.  Singing "Come, Come Ye Saints, No Toil Nor Labor Fear", etc.  The minutes of a former meeting were read and accepted and reports read.  Sister Peel addressed the sisters and said she felt well in the Gospel and was very much pleased to see so many of the sisters present ~ thought if the sisters would be united, attend to their prayers and be obedient to those placed over them, everything would go right.  Sister Simpson bore her testimony and was glad to see as many together. ~Thought if the sisters would spend a few hours together, they would lose nothing by it, and the Lord would bless them with His Spirit.  Sister Petersen said she had no other desire than to do the will of the Lord. ~Thought that if each one would do his part, no fault could be found.  The sisters in general bore their testimonies and gave some good instructions.  The subject of home industy received a large share of attention.  The meeting closed with singing, "One the Mountain Tops Appearing", etc.  Prayer given by Sister Peel.
MFC Morrison, Pres.
Hilda Dehlin, Sec.

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