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Female Relief Society December 12, 1875

Meeting December 12th 1875
Meeting opened with singing "Happy Is the Man Who Hears", etc.  Prayer by Sister Peel.  Singing "Glorious Things Are Sung of Zion", etc.  Minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted and the reports read.  Sister Morrison said she was glad to have an opportunity to meet with the sisters again.  Said she hoped the sisters would all try to take an interest in the way in whice they were engaged.  If we would set an example of truth and righteousness before our families, they wyould remember it. Precept was good but example is better.  She spoke of home industry; the shawls which have been woven and the artificial flowers.  Sister Peel bore her testimony.  She also spoke on home manufacture.  Said if we are self sustaining people, it is time to begin.  Sister Simpson bore her testimony ~ thought it was a duty for the sisters to meet together.  The sisters had been organized and that they are an organization in the kingdom of God. ~ Said she was very much interested in home industries that the sisters were engaged in, although she had done nothing to assist it.  Sister Morrison thought Sister Simpson had done as much or more than any one else and proposed a vote of thanks for her patience and perseverance in the good work.  The hymn "Sing to the Great Jehova's Praise" was sung.  Sister Jensen gave some good instruction ~ said she hoped the sisters would take an interest in their daughters and instruct them in something useful and instructive, and not use so much foolishness in dressing.  Sister Peterson bore her testimony and said she knew the Spirit of the Lord was in our midst.  The sisters of the visiting committee gave in their reports.  Prayer by Sister Christensen.
MFMC Morrison. Pres
Hilda Dehlin, Sec.

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