Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ferdinand Ericksen Family

This was taken in front of the Ferdinand Ericksen home in Mt. Pleasant in November 1909.

Back row: Auer W. Proctor, Azel Peel, Amasa Ericksen, Louis Ericksen, John Lofgren, John B. Selby, Annie Tatham, Evan Ericksen, Henry Ericksen, Raymond Ericksen, Tina Ericksen, Tillie Borg, Harry G. Ericksen, Elma Noland, Stirling Ericksen, Ferdinand Ericksen, John Pritchett with son Frank, Soren M. Nielsen.

Seated on chairs: Beatrice Ericksen Proctor, Maggie Peel w. baby Margaret, Ethel C. Ericksen w. baby Lo Ella, Libbie W. Ericksen w. Beth, Christie E. Selby w. Willard, Ina Marie Ericksen, Mina M. Ericksen, Margaret Farquhar Cruickshank Morrison, Camilla Ericksen Noland, Caroline (Carrie) Lofgren Ericksen w. Aileen, Mina Ericksen Pritchett, Vivian Pritchett, Flossie Ericksen.

Front row: Rita Ericksen, Rhoda Ericksen, Loren Ericksen, Robin C. Selby, Shirley Ericksen, Leland Selby, Harlan F. Ericksen, John B. Selby, Eva Ericksen, Mildred Ericksen, Jessie Pritchett, Gladys Ericksen.

Grandma Morrison was there, as she remained very close to Ferdinand and Henry Ericksen (who were not related, but who had married her daughters.)

Submitted by Caren Wilcox, granddaughter of Ferdinand and Caroline (Carrie) Ericksen

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